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Playatta offers fully customized, unique solutions for every client or event. Our marketing solutions facilitate a channel for your brand to effortlessly travel through social media. With your brand, our art and your clients’ really fun photos and video, we create an amazing marketing solution that gets likes, tags and reposts, all over the websphere!

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Slow Motion image


You may have heard all the hype about the hippest new event service popping up at weddings all over the coasts.  We took the concept, the technology and the fun levels into new heights with our very own Slow Motion Booth



Our flagship service, Photanimation, elevates the popular “photobooth” concept by offering each customer a unique set of custom compositions we call “playgrounds”. The photos we capture are animated, and displayed within seconds of them being taken. The display becomes a live, projected animation creating colorful ambiance for the event.


Video Booth

We upped the ante on the “Photo Booth”, added some powerful technology, threw in some really playfull video effects, and out came a futuristic video booth! The interaction is similar to Photanimation, but the party players stand inside the video booth while their image is displayed in real time, complete with digital effects on a T.V. that faces the party.



As artists, it’s important to us that you receive exactly what you’re looking for. For that reason, Playatta offers a variety of options for customizing your service. Here are some examples of options that are available to you.

Marketing Services

The creative team at Playatta is an incredible resource for experiential marketing. We’ll work with you and your creative team, or you can choose to give us creative reign to come up with unique ideas using photography, video, technology and/or projection to make your custom solution absolutely amazing! Here’s a sampling of our capabilities, but really, the sky’s the limit!

Featured Clients

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UV vodka small website

UV Vodka

We Partnered with Periscope to work with their client UV Vodka on a truly unique event. We implemented a high level Photanimation and designed a custom 3d extruded projection mapped UV logo sign for their touring experiential campaign.


Harriet Brewing

This is a great example of how deep inside a logo we can go. The participants at this event became the branding. Facebook exploded with Harriet branded Playatta profile pics after the event.



T-Mobile joined our forces at a local club to create brand awareness through the event and social media.


We’ve partnered with Vita.MN on several projects from their Vita.MN Hotness celebrations to their 5th Anniversary party.

BGC main

Boys & Girls Club

We brought smiles to these party goers faces through pre and post video shoots, photanimation and the video portal all displayed live on the jumbotron at the Twins stadium!

Contact Us!

Contact us to learn more about how Playatta can help create a magical interactive experience for your event. Ask us about our package pricing options for additional discounts!

Birthdays, Weddings, Holiday Parties, Kids, Adults, Marketing, Advertising and Promotions, Bar/Bat Mitvah’s, Anniversaries, Dance Parties, Graduations, Art and Science Museums, anything events!
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